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There has recently been policy announced to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) in New Zealand (Ministry of Transport, Electric Vehicles Programme 2016). The government aims to double the amount of EVs on the road to 64,000 by 2021. Currently, EV owners are exempt from road user charges (levy towards upkeep of the roads) and this benefit will continue until EVs make up 2% of the fleet. They also have the added benefit of being able to use bus lanes. The government is investigating bulk purchase of EVs and is committed to spending $1 million annually to promote EVs. New Zealand is particularly suited for EVs because around 80% of electricity generated is from renewable sources (Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, Energy in New Zealand, 2016).

road code nz pdf download

Even though I drive a car I would say public transport would be the ideal way and then like less cars on the road and more public transport rails and stuff. So you go more places. Auckland group

Although there were aspirations of cycling more, many participants had serious safety concerns about cycling. Parents especially wanted their children to be able to cycle more but increasingly felt less safe about children being on the road along with traffic.

Most New Zealanders learn to drive from family members or friends rather than from formal professional lessons. The practice of learning to drive has a large influence on driving norms; habits and knowledge from the instructor can potentially affect driving practices for many years. In 11 of the focus groups, the participants displayed a desire for learning new driving skills, such as driving under adverse conditions. When discussing how their driving had changed over the years, many people stated that they had become more lax at following the road code since passing their test. Rather than learning by doing, some people would be more comfortable with affordable advanced classes that encouraged on-going learning of skills. Having these classes provided at low cost, or with incentives such as demerit point removal from licences or lower insurance were stated as ways to motivate people to take part.

Many participants were frustrated at elements of the transport network that they felt were outside their control. Aucklanders particularly expressed unhappiness with the infrastructure, including perceived never-ending road works and the lack of public transport. These feelings contributed to the general exasperation drivers in Auckland felt about their long commutes and traffic problems.

From Ireland, Fergus has worked in the insurance industry since 2007. He began in general claims for motor, house and contents before moving to commercial claims. 13 years in claims has given Fergus broad knowledge as a commercial broker with small to medium business.

Ian Elford is a probation officer for the Department of Corrections. He created Driven for Success to support people studying for their driving test and to help drivers maintain their road safety knowledge. Ian said the board game supports the wider community and government organisations such as Police, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Development and Ministry of Justice. The game uses question and learning cards and question squares so players can learn road safety rules in an entertaining way. It is aimed at players aged 14 and up.References from

Dr Soames Job is CEO and principal of Global Road Safety Solutions. Previously he was Head of the Global Road Safety Facility, and Global Lead Road Safety with the World Bank. Soames has successfully headed government lead organisations in road safety, been a Professor in road safety, and consulted for various development banks, the United Nations, the International Standards Organisation (ISO), and the OECD, and has provided road safety guidance to over 90 countries and states.Previous roles include CEO of Global Road Safety Solutions Pty. Ltd.; Executive Director of the National Road Safety Council of Australia; Director of the New South Wales Centre for Road Safety; Fellow and National President of the Australasian College of Road Safety; Chair, National Road Safety Executive Group; Deputy Chair, ANCAP (Australian New Car Assessment Program); Director, Health and Safety Psychology Research Unit, University of Sydney.Mainly as member of a team, Soames has won many national and international awards in road safety including 5 Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards, and has over 500 scientific publications.

For requests to update the ICD-10-CM codes, please note that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is responsible for the development and maintenance of ICD-10-CM. Please send your ICD-10-CM comments to: Donna Pickett, CDC

When you lodge a claim or update a diagnosis, you need to use a read code that matches the diagnosis or type of injury. This helps us make sure we're covering the right injuries and to work out the type of support, treatment and rehabilitation your patient can get.

SNOMED Clinical Terms (CT) is a new clinical terminology system, which has been endorsed by the Ministry of Health for use in the health and disability sector. It will replace read codes in the future.

Bonding is on a case by case basis. Generally, we will not accept bonding of essential services (water, wastewater, stormwater or power) or transport infrastructure, including street name signs, road markings or road traffic signs. Please contact the Subdivision Officer to determine whether bonding is acceptable.

Keep track of your progress and improve your knowledge of road rules by finding out where the right answers are in the Road Code for the questions you got wrong. Your dashboard shows how you are improving as you work towards achieving your learner licence. 350c69d7ab


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