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For both current cancer patients and cancer survivors

free cancer resource free new med sheet medine management tool for cancer patient patients free resource


Take this sheet to your oncology appointments to help you keep track of your newly prescribed medicines. 

Use this key information to write directly on the bottle after picking up your prescription from the pharmacy.

Learn more medicine management tips here.

Cancer survivor etsy shop small business ran by cancer patient victim survivor


Have you started a passion project since your diagnosis?

Me too!

Over the last 5 years, I have operated several Etsy shops selling my handmade items. Long story short, it was led by my diagnosis. And let's just say I have learned A LOT along the way about turning a passion project into a fulltime income. 

Are you interested in learning some tips on how to run a creative business? I'd love to know what you're interested in learning so that I can create the resources that serve you best.

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